By Pepper

Justin Moore will be celebrating Thanksgiving with his family in their new house in Arkansas this year, and when it comes to preparing the Thanksgiving feast, the “Kinda Don’t Care” singer says he has one job.

“Years ago when I moved to Nashville, a couple of friends of ours had a really cool tradition of all the guys get together the day before Thanksgiving, drink beer and fry turkeys for their family,” Justin recalls in a statement from his label. “So we’d have five or six big pots out and we’d all bring our turkey and drink beer and fry our turkey.

“And so we haven’t done that yet where we do it with all guys, which would be, I think, a lot of fun. But I have done, on Thanksgiving the last three or four years for our family, I’ve fried a couple of turkeys.  So that’s kind of our tradition now and that’s my contribution.”

He’s leaving all the side dishes to other family members, though. “I don’t make dressing because my mom and some of the other folks in our family do it better than I do,” he adds. “My mom and dad usually make that. My father-in-law makes the best sweet potato casserole I’ve ever eaten, so I’ll leave that to him. But I do fry the turkeys.”


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