By Monique Parra

Danielle Bradbery is this week’s One Minute with Monique artist! She’s back and let me be the first to mention how excited I am for this album!

Since the release of her first album in 2013, The Voice season 4 winner has kept her fans entertained with YouTube videos of cover songs from artists like Faith Hill, Rihanna and even Sam Hunt.

Now, the Texas native is ready to share her voice with a new album titled, I Don’t Believe We’ve Met.  The album title itself describes a rebirth to country music and that’s exactly what Bradbery intended as she took time to experience life and have moments to write about.

Bradbery wrote 7 out of the 10 tracks, along with co-writers Emily Weisband, Josh Kerr and tourmate Thomas Rhett. “Human Diary,” available now, was co-written by Weisband and Kerr and describes all the feelings post break up. When the person you thought was your human diary has moved on and took all your secrets, weaknesses and strengths with them.

When Danielle sat down with Billboard she mentioned that her first listen to “Human Diary” brought tears to her eyes. When she received the same reaction from her boyfriend, she knew her listeners would connect with the track too.

I Don’t Believe We’ve Met, out December 1st, has it’s fair share of heartache from “Human Diary” to “Potential”, but it also gives advice of self worth in “Worth It.”

Bradbery’s current single, “Sway,” has the beat to get anyone dancing. Sometimes you just need a song that makes you feel good and takes you away from the everyday worries of the world and “Sway” does just that.

Who know’s maybe there will be a new line dance to go along with “Sway” soon?  Check out what Danielle Bradbery had to say about that here.


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