By Pepper

Cam‘s first concert in San Diego was a family affair, attended by her mother, several close friends and family members, and a packed house of fans at the popular Moonshine Beach Saturday night (December 2nd).

Opening the show for Cam on the California native’s “Best Coast Tour” is Logan Mize, only his second time playing San Diego, who performed a fun, half-hour acoustic set comprised of singles like “Ain’t Always Pretty,” “Used Up,” and one he playfully described as “the dumbest song I’ve ever written:” “Can’t Get Away from a Good Time.” The Kansas native called Cam “probably the greatest singer in Nashville.”

In between sets, Cam’s guitar player Dirtybird doubled as DJ, putting a new spin on the familiar concept by mixing Kenny Rogers and Loretta Lynn with the likes of Jon Pardi and Maren Morris, and Dolly Parton and Old Dominion.

Cam opened her set with the first single from her forthcoming 2018 album, “Diane,” a response to Dolly Parton’s “Jolene,” from the perspective of the unintentional “other woman,” then seamlessly transitioned into one of the songs from Untamed, “Mayday,” and over the course of the evening, nearly ever song from that debut album was played.

She noted that her husband was from Escondido, and that her grandparents are residents of Oceanside, “So I definitely feel like a local!” before pondering, “What took me so long to get here?”

Over the course of the evening, Cam played nearly every song from her debut album, mixing in a few new ones, like “Forgetting You When I’m Alone,” which she described as being about the ex who “always keeps creeping back in for comparison” when you’re trying to move on with someone else.

She included her version of “Palace,” which she wrote with “Stay with Me” singer Sam Smith, who included it on his latest album The Thrill of It All. Other surprises included a cover of Patsy Cline‘s “Sweet Dreams,” and Simon & Garfunel’s “Cecilia,” which Cam noted had been a big part of a California road trip she’d once taken.

The meaningful tearjerker “Village” was balanced out by “Fireball Whiskey,” which the bubbly singer-songwriter explained had been written as a pitch for a sponsorship, only to be politely rejected with a letter reading, “Dear Miss Cam, Your song promotes irresponsible drinking.” which made Cam wonder, “Is there any other kind?!”

She closed out the show with her signature hit, “Burning House,” before going into the hymn-like “No One Gets to Heaven If Anybody Else Is Left Behind,” before performing, at the request of her mother and the delight of the audience, “Diane,” one more time.

Cam and Logan Mize will bring the “Best Coast Tour” to the Troubadour in Los Angeles on Tuesday, December 5th, and to Pappy & Harriet’s in Pioneertown (near where Cam was married last year) on Thursday, December 7th.



  1. Diane
  2. Mayday
  3. Half Broke Heart
  4. Forgetting You When I’m Alone
  5. My Mistake
  6. Hungover on Heartache
  7. Cold In California
  8. Palace
  9. Cecilia (Simon & Garfunkel cover)
  10. Sweet Dreams Of You (Patsy Cline cover)
  11. Village
  12. Country Ain’t Never Been Pretty
  13. Runaway Train
  14. Fireball Whiskey
  15. Burning House
  16. No One Gets to Heaven If Anybody Else Is Left Behind
  17. Diane (reprise)

Logan Mize:

  1. Come Back Road
  2. Life’s a Party
  3. Better Off Gone
  4. Used Up
  5. Ain’t Always Pretty
  6. Can’t Get Away from a Good Time

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