By Pepper

Christmas is all about friends and family, as Carly Pearce is well aware, as there’s several traditions she celebrates with her mom every holiday season.

“My mom and I – we have two movies that we watch every year,” the “Every Little Thing” singer shares in a statement from her label. “We watch ‘The Family Stone,’ and we watch ‘The Holiday’ and that’s kind of our thing. We may watch them twice.  I always know it’s Christmas when my mom and I are on the couch watching that.

“And now, it’s like we have a glass of wine and we eat popcorn and that’s just a very special time for me,” she adds. “And I would say, my parents, we’re very big animal people. So when I see the animal stockings that look identical to our family pets, when they’re hanging I know it’s Christmas, which my mom puts those out pretty early ‘cause she loves them.”


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