By Pepper

Colt Ford brought his boundary-pushing style of country music to the Brandin’ Iron Friday night (December 15th) to a sold-out crowd that loved every minute of it.

Hard-core Colt Ford fans cheered for anthems like “Answer to No One,” “Waste Some Time,” and “This Is Our Song,” while the line dance crowd showed off their moves to “Crank It Up” (the “Goin’ Hamm” line dance) and “Cricket on a Line.” Colt sang “Time Flies When You’re Having Rum” from his latest albumĀ Love Hope Faith, and even though it was a newer tune, by the end, the entire audience was singing along.

The subject matter of Colt’s songs is right in line with country music and its themes of God, country, family, and hard work, and an undying appreciation for the military. Colt dedicated “Workin’ On” to “the men and women who lay it on the line for this flag,” stating, “This is the greatest country on earth. Thank you for what you do!”

Colt recounted getting together with Brantley Gilbert (“my little brother”) in 2007 to write music together, and on the first day, they’d written a song that soon became familiar to country fans everywhere, “Dirt Road Anthem,” recorded by Jason Aldean.

Clearly enjoying the evening and crowd at the B.I., Colt promised, “I will not be gone so long next time!” Hopefully, he’ll make good on that promise!


  1. Dynamite
  2. Crank It Up
  3. Answer to No One
  4. High Life
  5. Back
  6. My Truck
  7. Driving Around Song
  8. Young Americans
  9. Waste Some Time
  10. Cricket on a Line
  11. This Is Our Song
  12. Workin’ On
  13. America the Beautiful
  14. Ride Through the Country
  15. The Ride (David Allan Coe cover)
  16. 4 Lane Gone
  17. Chicken and Biscuits
  18. Dirty Side
  19. No Trash In My Trailer
  20. Time Flies When You’re Having Rum
  21. Give Me Three Steps (Lynard Skynard cover)
  22. Lose Yourself (Eminem cover)
  23. Dirt Road Anthem

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