By Pepper

Rascal Flatts has been hitting the pavement hard in their twenty years of being in the business, but during the holidays, they like to lay low, for a good reason.

“I think several years ago what we decided to do was take a certain section of the calendar and just block it out for the holidays so that we would make sure that we were with our families,” explains the band’s Jay DeMarcus in a statement from their label. “And as we started to have kids, it became even more important to be with their wives and our families so that we could start those traditions with them.

“And it’s harder when you’re a new artist you’re not so much as in control of your schedule as when you are touring on your own and you get to kind of dictate what your schedule will be. So it’s just a commitment we’ve made to each other and our families to try to take that chunk of time during the holidays and set it aside to be off and to be available for them.”


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