By Pepper

The expectations to do something epic for New Year’s Eve are high, but Justin Moore‘s attitude is a lot like the title of his latest album, Kinda Don’t Care.

“We just kind of hang,” Justin shares in a statement from his label. “You know for years and years and years, I always had to play New Year’s Eve because you can get more money that night. That was the night you could make more money.

“And so the last five, six, seven years I just said I ain’t playin’ New Year’s Eve because it’s fun to kind of be with everybody. But in all honesty I don’t know the last year that I’ve actually made it to midnight. Me and Kate, you know we’ll hang and have family over and do that stuff during the day or the afternoon and then we struggle and struggle and struggle to make it to whatever New Year’s Eve show we’re watching and never actually make it.”


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