By Pepper

The boys of Midland believe in making New Year’s resolutions, but they think it’s important to emphasize the positive.

“I don’t believe in making resolutions to quit something; I believe to improve something,” says lead singer Mark Wystrach in a statement from the trio’s label. “So it’s always, to me about like, okay, what in my life am I not doing good enough? And instead of like being like, ‘I’m gonna quit doing this,”  I’m gonna be like, ‘Okay, I’m gonna drink better or I’m gonna be a better friend.”

And how good are they at actually keeping their resolutions? “You know, one year I like did everything,” shares Cameron Duddy. “And then last year I did nothing.”

“I think resolutions are necessary,” continues Mark. “I think it’s something that the idea is you always have to be taking inventory and kind of an honest look yourself and then try to improve upon it.”

This year, Midland will be celebrating the New Year opening for Kid Rock in Kansas City.


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