By Pepper

Anyone who’s been in a breakup that got drawn out longer than it had to can certainly feel the pain of Brett Young‘s latest single, “Mercy,” and that’s by design.

“I wrote ‘Mercy’ with Sean McConnell, who’s one of my favorite writers and artists in Nashville,” Brett recalls in a press release from his label. “I was talking about a past relationship, and I used the word mercy and he went, ‘Man I love that for a song title. Can we play on that?’

“And we wrote so fast together, and there’s a lot of really emotional moments, and we wanted it to be a really intimate moment. And so I’ve never really had a song I’ve said this about before, but I almost kind of hope that this hurts people’s feelings a little bit, in the best way.  I hope people can hear the song and go back to a place where they felt this way and they can relate.”


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