By Pepper

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, Brett Young has some mixed feelings, but he does have one very big opinion about it.

“I like the idea of Valentine’s Day [but] I’ve literally never had a good one,” the “Mercy” singer confessed in a statement from his label. “I think a lot of people have that story. Before one of the songs every night I tell a story about how I think that holidays like Valentine’s Day or New Year’s, where you put a lot of pressure on the holiday, you’ve immediately set yourself up to be disappointed.

“The thing I like about Valentine’s Day is that you’re celebrating love, and I think that that’s awesome,” he continues. “The thing I don’t like is I feel like a lot of the things that are done or said on Valentine’s Day are things that should be done and said year round, and they’re too easily forgotten.

“So I always celebrate it, but I do think that people should remind themselves on a day like Valentine’s Day that everything that they’re doing and saying are things that they should remember and do and say on a regular basis.”


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