CBS' 'Big Brother'

Big Brother 19 Finale: Julie Chen Backyard InterviewBig Brother 19 wrapped up with a shocking finale, even Julie Chen couldn't believe it. She told us Paul got "robbed".
Big Brother 19 Finale: Ramses Backyard Interview
Big Brother 19 Finale: Jillian Backyard InterviewJillian gave us her opinion on this year's finale and the cast overall.
Big Brother 19 Finale: Jason Backyard InterviewJason had some of the happiest moments inside the Big Brother house, but he caught some heat for comments he made.
Big Brother 19 Finale: Kevin Backyard InterviewKevin didn't win America's Favorite Player, but he still left the game with $25,000.
Big Brother 19 Finale: Raven Backyard InterviewWe gave Raven the chance to clear up any lies she may have told in the house.
Big Brother 19 Finale: Paul Backyard InterviewIn the words of Julie Chen, Paul once again was a "bridesmaid". An obviously heartbroken Paul describes  what he thought went wrong.
Big Brother 19 Finale: Matt Backyard InterviewThe 19th season of Big Brother is over, but Matt isn't going home right away, he's going to stay in L.A. with Raven.
Big Brother Finale: Jessica Backyard InterviewJessica isn't being shy about her plans with Cody, she's ready for a ring!
Big Brother 19 Finale: Dominique Backyard InterviewDominique was the first houseguest to call out Paul for his shady game plan, looking back she admits that might have been a little too aggressive too soon.
Big Brother 19 Finale: Christmas Backyard InterviewChristmas kept her positive spirit during finale night even though she left the house with no money and a broken foot.
Big Brother 19 Finale: Josh Backyard InterviewJosh secured his place in the final two and then with the help of the jury he secured $500,000 in his bank account!

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