WIN $500 In K-FROG’s City Salute Giveaway!

K-FROG is running a super-secret contest just for YOU and a few others. You have the AMAZING opportunity to win $500! All you have to do is listen to K-FROG 95.1 and text for your chance to win $500!

It’s Easy To Win!

  1. Tune all of your radios to K-FROG 95.1!
  2. LISTEN weekdays for the K-FROG on-air personality to salute a Southern California city: 5 past the hour (7:05am, 9:05a, 11:05a; 1:05p, 3:05p & 5:05p).
  3. When you hear it, text the name of the city to 80787 to qualify for the chance to win $500!
  4. Can’t text? No biggie! Enter the short code “80787” PLUS the name of the city below.


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