Scott Ward

10 Places For The Best Meatball Sandwich

March 9 is National Meatball Day, so we celebrate with a list of some local eateries that feature tasty meatball sandwiches.

K-FROG 95.1–03/09/2017

The Absolute Best Places For Banana Cream Pie In The IE

March 2 is National Banana Cream Pie Day. It’s one of America’s favorites… the cream pie division at least.

K-FROG 95.1–03/02/2017

Guy Sings & Plays A Country Classic Along With His Washing Machine!!

This man needs a record deal immediately!

K-FROG 95.1–02/09/2017

Five Foods That Are Only Available During Christmastime

What human being does not have some fond memory of something served up by their grandparents only during the November-December time frame?

K-FROG 95.1–12/15/2016

Driftwood Festival Has Smooth Maiden Voyage

Country music fans love the beach just as much as the next guy and they proved it Saturday at the first annual Driftwood Festival.

K-FROG 95.1–11/13/2016

Kenny Chesney Shares His “Cosmic Hallelujah”

Kenny Chesney has included a “secret” surprise extra song on his new CD, Cosmic Hallelujah and we will reveal the title at the end of this article.

K-FROG 95.1–10/28/2016

Garth Brooks: Fritos, New Music, and Christmas….Live From Dallas!

Scott was lucky enough to be in Dallas on Thursday (Oct. 13) for the launch of the next phase of the storied career of Garth Brooks.

K-FROG 95.1–10/13/2016

Blake Shelton really IS “A Guy With A Girl”

Blake Shelton certainly knows how to keep his fans on their toes.

K-FROG 95.1–09/26/2016

Thompson Square Takes the Stage at SBD Fest 2016

Thompson Square took the stage at SBD Fest in San Bernardino, CA, on Saturday, September 10, 2016.


Frankie Ballard’s ‘Cigarette’ Smolders

The chosen song is “Cigarette,” which will either be a gutsy or crazy choice depending on your point of view.

K-FROG 95.1–08/19/2016


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