Scott Ward

Summer Country Playlist

The hottest weekend of the summer (so far) deserves the hottest music!

K-FROG 95.1–07/22/2016

Steven Tyler Gets Country At The Dolby Theater

Tuesday night’s set went like this.

K-FROG 95.1–07/07/2016

Top 5 Local Craft Beers To Enjoy This 4th Of July Weekend

July 4 is a day to celebrate American Independence; along the way, it’s also become a day to enjoy fireworks, the water, outdoor cooking, and a cold beer. Consider the fact that the Anheuser Busch Brewing Company renamed their top selling beer to “America” for the 4th of July holiday and you start getting an […]

K-FROG 95.1–06/30/2016

Stagecoach Behind The Artist: Sam Hunt

Polarizing is a word that comes to mind when talking about Sam Hunt.

K-FROG 95.1–04/14/2016

10 Classic Rock Acts That Need To Play Stagecoach

Chris LeDoux said it best: Even cowboys like a little rock and roll.

K-FROG 95.1–04/14/2016

5 Best Movies To Watch This Easter

Here are some cinematic treasures that feel especially right when viewed during Easter weekend.

K-FROG 95.1–03/22/2016

5 Fun Easter Egg Hunts In The IE

Make the most of the gorgeous weather this weekend and take your kids to one of these awesome events near you!

K-FROG 95.1–03/22/2016

Five Fun Things For Adults To Do This Easter Weekend

Here are some things you can do this Easter weekend to engage your inner child!

K-FROG 95.1–03/22/2016

5 Country Artists That Could Have Won An Academy Award

Truth be told, it is a rare for anyone to step outside of their comfort zone and really knock one out of the park. Such is the case with singers who choose to act.

K-FROG 95.1–02/29/2016

Top 5 Grammy Upsets

The Grammys are the one music awards show guaranteed to produce one or two upsets every year. There are moments every year that have viewers at home yelling, “WHO?”

K-FROG 95.1–02/12/2016



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