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Sugarland Tease Reunion?An Instagram post from both Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush has fans speculating.
Jennifer Nettles Injured After Fall Off StageJennifer has retained her characteristic good humor throughout the ordeal.
Jennifer Nettles' "Playing with Fire": Musical Insights"I felt like it was a good representation of the album.”
Will Sugarland Reunite?"I’ve always been ready when it’s time to hit the Sugarland button.”
Jennifer Nettles Loves Your Ink!"It's such an intimate and personal art form."
Jennifer Nettles and Brett Young Appear on The Today ShowJennifer served as co-host for one hour, followed by a performance from Brett.
Jennifer Nettles Is Looking Forward to 2017"It's been a big year and a rewarding year."
Brandy Clark vs. Kristian Bush: Frog Wars"Love Can Go To Hell" from Brandy Clark continues its reign as Frog Wars champion!
For Jennifer Nettles, Christmas Is All About Her Son"I mean, it's always about family and food."
Country Artists Show Off Their "I Voted" StickersHere are just a few country artists who got into the Election Day excitement!
Love & Theft vs. Luke Combs: Frog WarsWith less than 24 hours left before the polls closed, Love & Theft's "Candyland" managed to pull off a last-minute win!
Jennifer Nettles vs. Love & Theft: Frog WarsNow a three-week Frog Wars champion, "Hey Heartbreak" from Jennifer Nettles is now facing off with "Candyland," from Love & Theft!

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