TSA Missed Handgun In Carry-On Bag Of Santa Monica Police OfficerAuthorities said that standard security measures weren't followed when an off-duty police officer from Santa Monica was able to board a flight from Los Angeles International Airport to Taiwan while having a handgun in her carry-on bag.
Riverside Plane Crash Survivor Has Burns On Over 90% Of Her BodyThere were two survivors of the horrific and deadly plane crash that happened in Riverside earlier this week. According to authorities, one of those two has suffered third-degree burns over 90 percent of her body.
Alyssa Milano Mad Over Confiscated Breast Milk- Grab And Go GossipAlyssa Milano is a mad momma! She was at Heathrow airport last night when an agent confiscated her pumped breast milk.
Crazy Fried Fair Food & Millipedes At The Airport - Stupid News Forget snake on a plane, someone tried to bring millipedes on a plane. Plus we might have found the fattest fair food.
Justin Bieber Detained & Jungle Book Update - In The Hollywood Cheese Justin Bieber has some recent troubles at the airport. Plus there are some new updates on the Jungle Book adaptation.
Change Left At The Airport & Zombies Blamed For Stolen Car - In The Stupid NewsYou will not believe how much money is left behind at the airport checkpoints. Plus zombies are to blame for a stolen car.
Chris Brown Enters Anger Management & Guy Fieri Gets In A Fight - In The Hollywood CheeseThere was a whole lot of fighting going on over the weekend. Chris Brown's fight got him to enter anger management and Guy Fieri's fight might effect his hair.
Cats Missing In The Airport & Beaver Butts - In The Stupid NewsThere's lost of animal news in the Stupid News. Check out what happened to a couple of cats at a Canadian airport and why beaver butt's are important.
The Frogmen's Stupid News: Airport Security And Pregnant CarjackingNobody likes to wait at the airport, so now there's a way to make things quick and simple. Plus a couple on the way to the hospital decides take a new ride there and carjacks a man
The Frogmen's Stupid News: Baby Through X-Ray Machine And A Bachelorette Party Mix UpOne way to cut down on airfare is to put your baby in your carry one and that's exactly what these parents did. Plus a bachelorette party got a really surprise when the "strippers" showed up.
The Frogmen's Stupid News: Naked At The Airport And Bounced ChecksOne way to get attention at the airport or any place really is to strip naked. Plus a politician bounces a check, find out who.
City Of Ontario Continues Efforts To Regain Control Of ONT

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