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Powerball Jackpot At $700M - The Second Largest In It's HistoryDid you get up early to beat the rush for Powerball tickets? You could end up being $700M richer!
Both Mega Millions & Powerball Worth More Than $300M This WeekCha-ching!! You could strike it rich this week, as there are two of chances to hit the jackpot with the Mega Millions & Powerball.
Number Of Undocumented Drivers In California To Hit The 1 Million MarkAccording to a new report, the number of undocumented drivers in California could hit one million by the end of 2017.
L.A. County Natural History Museum To Debut Tattoo ExhibitTattoo fans, lovers and curiosity seekers, it's an exhibit to take in and wonder. Not only a tattoo exhibit, but one that's being called an exhibit that's been 5,000 years in the making.
Caitlyn Jenner Considering Running For Feinstein’s California Senate SeatOlympian and famed LGBQT activist, Caitlyn Jenner, says she may consider a potential run for California Senate.
Violent Crime Spree Starts In Las Vegas Ends Dramatically In HesperiaIt all started in Nevada with road rage and gunfire and ended with a high speed chase and an arrest in the High Desert. 
Assembly Bill 186 Would Provide Illegal Drug Users With Safe HousesIn California, it's up for consideration. A safe space, or safe houses complete with doctor supervision, where heroin and other illegal drug users can access sterile supplies.
SuperLotto Plus Ticket Sold In Palm Springs Worth $43,183On Wednesday night, May 31st, a winning ticket matching five numbers of the SuperLotto Plus drawing was sold at a Palm Springs supermarket.
Nearly 9,500 Inmates Set To Be Released From California State PrisonsThis could potentially lower the prison population by about 7 percent.
Top 10 Happiest Cities To Live InSpoiler alert! California dominated this list.
SuperLotto Ticket Bought In Hesperia Is Worth $72 MillionA super lucky person in Hesperia has become a little richer. In good old San Bernardino County a lotto ticket sold is now worth $72 million.
California Drought Nowhere Near Fixed Even With Our Recent StormsChalk this up to be one of the wettest winters Southern California has seen in recent years, but according to experts, it's still not enough to fix the drought.

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