TSA Missed Handgun In Carry-On Bag Of Santa Monica Police OfficerAuthorities said that standard security measures weren't followed when an off-duty police officer from Santa Monica was able to board a flight from Los Angeles International Airport to Taiwan while having a handgun in her carry-on bag.
The Frogmen's Stupid News: Baby Through X-Ray Machine And A Bachelorette Party Mix UpOne way to cut down on airfare is to put your baby in your carry one and that's exactly what these parents did. Plus a bachelorette party got a really surprise when the "strippers" showed up.
The Frogmen's Stupid News: New Airline Fees And The Easter Bunny Gets ArrestedGet ready to pay more when you fly. An airline company has a new fee for flyers. Plus the Easter Bunny gets arrested! Let's hope he's out by Sunday!

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