Study Finds Earth Is Weaker Than Once ThoughtThe findings are now painting a different picture of how researchers understand how tectonic plates form, shift, twist into volcanoes, and even trigger earthquakes.
Why Dogs Pee Where They Do & A Toe Bitten Off At A Party - In The Stupid NewsA study just released an explanation of why dogs go the bathroom where they do. Plus a New Year's Eve party gets out of control and a woman ends up with her toe bitten off.
Stupid News: Asteroid Heading Our Way & A Destroyed Cell PhoneAnother asteroid is heading our way and it's a big one! Plus an annoying cell phone meets it's fate.
The Frogmen's Stupid News: Man Shoots Himself & Earth HoursA man takes drastic measures to get his wedding ring off. Plus this Saturday is Earth Day. We'll tell you what's going on and how to participate.

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