TSA Missed Handgun In Carry-On Bag Of Santa Monica Police OfficerAuthorities said that standard security measures weren't followed when an off-duty police officer from Santa Monica was able to board a flight from Los Angeles International Airport to Taiwan while having a handgun in her carry-on bag.
Britney Spears Raffles Off VMA Prize For Louisiana Flood ReliefBritney Spears is stepping up to help her home state of Louisiana. She’s teaming up with the American Red Cross and Crowdrise to get donations for flood relief.
Selma Blair Taken To Hospital After Outburst On Plane - Grab And Go GossipSelma Blair was rushed to the hospital yesterday after an outburst on her international flight.
Jerry Jones Gives His Wife's First Class Seat To Tony Romo - Did Your Spouse Ever Pick Their Friend Over You?Jerry Jones is showing just how deep his bromance is with Tony Romo. He bumped his wife off a flight so Romo could go.
Man Arrested After Beating Cops In Doughnut Eating Contest & Elderly Woman Brings Tons Of Cash On Flight - Stupid NewsA man competes with cops and then gets arrested. Plus an elderly woman tried to bring a lot of cash on a flight.
Lizard Head In Salad & Amelia Earhart - In The Stupid NewsA woman finds a shocking surprise in her salad. Plus a woman named after Amelia Earhart plans to take her flight journey.
Infected Monkeys & The Friday The 13th Flight - In The Stupid NewsMonkeys are taking over Florida and they are bringing some bad stuff with them. Plus Friday the 13th had a scary flight.
Man Steals Bridge & Airlines Runs Out Of Toilet Paper - In The Stupid NewsA man tries to capatlize on the price of scrap metal. Plus an airline has no toilet paper for its passengers.
Hollywood Cheese: Amanda Bynes Arrested & Leonardo DiCaprio Space AuctionAmanda Bynes is back in the Hollywood Cheese and as you can guess it's not good. Plus Leonardo DiCaprio gets some big bucks for a trip in space with him.
The Frogmen's Stupid News: Denny's Wedding & Family Kicked Off Plane For A MovieIf you're looking for a unique wedding location, Denny's might be a good choice. Plus a family gets a plane diverted, because they complained about the in-flight movie.
The Frogmen's Hollywood Cheese: Lindsay Lohan Back In Court & Julianne Hough And Ryan Seacrest SplitLindsay Lohan is due back in court and she's already having problems getting there. Plus another celebrity couple is calling it quits.
The Frogmen's Stupid News: Harlem Shake Video Investigation & A Late DiplomaA woman receives her diploma decades after she left high school. Plus a viral video is being investigated by authorities.

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