Taylor Swift's GRAMMY Speech Becomes Inspiring Ad for Young WomenThe GRAMMYs want young women everywhere to 'Believe In Music.'
Kanye West Hospitalized For Psychiatric EvaluationKanye West is undergoing psychiatric evaluation.
5 Artists Who Should Play Super Bowl Halftime ShowIf Adele's not gonna do it, someone has to.
Does Rick Rubin Affect Taylor Swift's Ability to Sue Kanye West?The plot thickens, making it unlikely West will face criminal charges.
Can Taylor Swift Sue Kim Kardashian for Leaking Her Conversation with Kanye West?Was it illegal for Kim and Kanye to record a conversation with Taylor Swift without her knowledge?
Taylor Swift Strikes Back at Kanye West and Kim KardashianSwift denies being "in" on Kanye West's infamous song "Famous."
5 Wildest Political Rants by MusiciansThis is what happens when artists use their platform to share their strong opinions.
What Were Celebrities Like In School? - Grab And Go GossipDo you ever wonder what celebrities were like back in their school days? Well, thanks to a new Reddit thread formers classmates and teachers are weighing in and some of these claims are not going to surprise you.
The Hassle To Get Yeezys - Grab And Go GossipBesides being annoying Kanye West also heads up a shoe company. Have you heard of Yeezys? Theses are his ridicuously expensive shoes, but there's more than just a big price tag that comes with them.
Kanye West Responds to Alleged Taylor Swift Diss"I did not diss Taylor Swift and I’ve never dissed her…"
Taylor Swift's Brother Throws Kanye Sneakers in the Trash"Getting a head start on some spring cleaning."
Kanye West's New Song Calls Out Taylor Swift - Grab And Go GossipLooks like it round 2 for Taylor Swift and Kanye West.

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