TSA Missed Handgun In Carry-On Bag Of Santa Monica Police OfficerAuthorities said that standard security measures weren't followed when an off-duty police officer from Santa Monica was able to board a flight from Los Angeles International Airport to Taiwan while having a handgun in her carry-on bag.
Miley Cyrus Tongue Injures And What Not To Tweet The TSA
Sock Puppet Gun Confiscated & Countries Claim The North Pole - In The Stupid NewsA lady's sock puppet gets harassed at an airport. Plus various countries are trying to claim the North Pole.
Change Left At The Airport & Zombies Blamed For Stolen Car - In The Stupid NewsYou will not believe how much money is left behind at the airport checkpoints. Plus zombies are to blame for a stolen car.
Kid Gets Past TSA & Football Name Change - In The Stupid NewsA kid gets past all the security check points at the airport and ends up on a plane. Plus a football player is trying to change his name, but there's one problem.
The Frogmens's Stupid News: False 911 Calls And A TSA Agent Groped BackA New Jersey makes false 911 calls claiming to be President Obama and a lady gets in trouble for groping a TSA agent.
The Frogmen's Stupid News- TSA Strikes Again And Again
Pic Of The Day: J.B.'s Waiting For His Flight To Nashville

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