Cam Shares Empowering, Inspiring New Year's Resolution

January 9, 2018
Cam is reminding herself - and her fans - that beauty is only skin-deep. In a deeply personal post on social media, the "Burning House" singer admits that prior to any concert or public appearance, she goes through about an hour of anxiety and worrying about how she looks. But she's made the decision to leave that insecurity behind for 2018. "Beauty is a made-up set of rules to follow," she writes on Instagram. "It doesn't make my music any better, it doesn't make me any happier, and it's actually a massive waste of my potential to put someone else's ideas ahead of my own....So here I go, looking however I look, without the worry, to more present and powerful experiences in 2018." Read Cam's entire post here, but with caution, as some of the language is NSFW.