Justin Moore Reflects on the First Time He Went On Tour

January 12, 2018
Justin Moore is now a seasoned performer, but the first time he went out on tour is something he'll never forget. “The very first – it wasn’t long; it may have been three or four weeks – tour that I ever did, Trace Adkins and Luke [Bryan] was the middle act," he recalls in a statement from his label. "That was my first time going out and it’s super exciting. "I mean, it wasn’t the hugest tour out there, but just to have the opportunity to go out and play in front of, at the time Luke and I really neither one of us were established, but Trace certainly was and to have that opportunity was really, really cool," the "Kinda Don't Care" singer continues. "And we’re going out and playing the same type of venues now that we were doing at that time and so it’s really cool to kind of reflect on that.” Justin Moore's "Hell on a Highway Tour" is coming to Citizens Business Bank Arena in Ontario on Saturday, January 27th.