Sugarland's "Still the Same": Musical Insights

January 12, 2018
In the "Musical Insights" series, country artists share their thoughts on some of their most popular tunes. Sugarland fans are thrilled that the duo has released their first single together in over five years, and "Still the Same" references many things - not just Sugarland's celebrated reunion. “There’s a certain amount of joy that comes from seeing somebody you haven’t seen in a while," explains the duo's Kristian Bush. "And it’s always hard for me to determine if it’s my joy or the other person’s joy. And part of it because it’s familiar, part of it because it acknowledges the distance. It’s been a long time. And it’s not looking back; it’s looking forward, and I think that’s what this song is.” “But yet, I think, doing it from the perspective of the present - it’s just saying, ‘here we are right now and here we go,'" adds Jennifer Nettles. "And here we go," says her partner with a laugh. Let's go!