Disney Characters Are Literally Losing Their Heads During Rides (Watch)

January 30, 2018
Disney goers got quite a surprise on Sunday (Jan. 28) when they saw not one, but two theme park attractions experience an issue with their animatronic characters. They had no heads. On the Little Mermaid ride at Disney California Adventure, Twitter user @dizzymissy captured video of a headless Ursula. "This happened today which caught me off guard because Disney is usually so critical over things like this," she wrote. https://twitter.com/dizzzymissy/status/957760440779522048 And if one headless character isn't enough for you, there was another just across the way at Disneyland. One of the pirates at the auctioneer scene on Pirates of the Caribbean had his head dangling during the ride as well. https://twitter.com/HOPAJUL/status/957723933528248321