Flu Season, Prevention

January 30, 2018
By Steven John Barbara Cole, head of disease control for Riverside University Health System Public Health talks about this year’s flu season which has been worse than previous years. The health department is advising residents on how to protect themselves from the flu by practicing frequent hand washing and avoiding getting close to people who are sick. If you are sick you should take care of yourself by resting and don’t go to work or school. There is no reason to go to the emergency room unless you have an extremely high temperature or are having problems breathing. The health department recommends getting a flu shot to help prevent the flu. You can contact the health department to find a flu shot clinic. Riverside University Health System Listen to the interview in this segment of Eye on the Community. [cbs-clip-player content_id=a21d2ca1-2b98-479a-a41e-a8780137faa0 size=small station=293]