Thomas Rhett Says His Wife Has Always Been His Biggest Fan

February 13, 2018

Photo: Dan MacMedan / USA TODAY



Thomas Rhett was a mere 22 years old when he married his wife Lauren, and even though a lot of people thought they were too young to make such a big commitment, the "Marry Me" singer says he's always known that she was "the one."

“She’s always been my biggest fan," he reveals in a statement from his label. "I remember going back to high school, just sitting there playing Brad Paisley songs on my acoustic guitar and her being like, ‘Man, you kind of have an okay voice.  Maybe you should do something with that.’

"So it’s crazy how far we’ve come, not only as a married couple but as friends, he continues. "Like our friendship has grown, and she is such a part of my career. My fans love her more than they love me, which is hilarious. So it’s just been a great ride with her, and hopefully it can continue in this way.”