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Maren Morris

Maren Morris's "Girl:" Frog or Dog?

Maren Morris dropped a highly-anticipated new single today, while also announcing her 2019 tour . I'll play that song, "Girl," just after 9pm tonight, then ask you if it's a Frog or a Dog at 888-431-7364. You can call or text that number, or take the poll right here! Just be sure to get your vote... Read More
Maren Morris

Maren Morris Announces GIRL: The World Tour 2019

Maren Morris has announced her GIRL: The World Tour 2019, featuring an all-female lineup, with special guests Cassadee Pope and RaeLynn . The tour launches in Chicago, and includes two stops in Southern California, as well as dates in Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Ireland, the U.K., Canada... Read More
Bird Box Challenge

YouTube Is Done With Dangerous Bird Box Challenge Videos

The buzz of Bird Box has continued throughout the month, and with it so has the #BirdBoxChallenge . Inspired by the record-breaking Netflix movie, the Bird Box Challenge is done by blindfolding yourself and attempting to complete different tasks. Some are mundane, but some are extremely dangerous,... Read More
Dylan Scott

Toby Keith vs. Dylan Scott: Frog Wars

In Frog Wars, every Wednesday at 8:15pm, Pepper plays two songs - and asks you to vote for your favorite. The winner comes back the following Wednesday to battle a new challenger. Congratulations to "Don't Let the Old Man" in from Toby Keith , our latest Frog Wars champion, having beaten out "Some... Read More
Carly Pearce

Carly Pearce Reveals Her Must-Have Beauty Item

Carly Pearce 's long, tumbling locks are part of her signature look, and the "Closer to You" singer has a surprising secret behind them. “People always ask me, 'How do you curl your hair? What special wand, what special curling iron are you using?'" she reveals in a statement from her label. "I’m... Read More
Abstract mash line and point scales on dark background with Map of usa. Wire frame 3D mesh polygonal network line, design sphere, dot and structure. communications map of usa.

Here Are the Most Stressed-Out Cities in America

Life is stressful. That's really just the sad reality of this whole adulting-thing we all have to do. But, nonetheless, just how stressed-out are we compared to everyone else in the country? Well, our friends at have crunched the data and come up with a full-on ranking of the stress-... Read More
Ghostbusters were part of the 80s theme at the Tenth Annual Leather & Laces Super Bowl Party on February 2, 2013

SCREENSHOTS: Watch the Teaser for a New 'Ghostbusters' Movie

Who you gonna call when you want to shoot a new Ghostbusters movie? The original director’s son. Sony Pictures plans to release a film that will be co-written and directed by Jason Reitman in the summer of 2020. Reitman tweeted yesterday that he “finally got the keys to the car,” and then tweeted... Read More