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Tenille Arts

Tenille Arts' "Somebody Like That:" Dig It or Ditch It?

Tenille Arts is set to perform her next single, "Somebody Like That," on "The Bachelor" on January 6th, but you could hear it tonight on K-Frog! I'll play it after 9:05pm tonight, then ask you if you Dig It or if we should Ditch it at 888-431-3764. You can also take the poll right here; just be... Read More
Keith Urban

Keith Urban Drops First Ever Christmas Song

It's hard to believe that Keith Urban has never released a Christmas song....until now. “I’ve always wanted to record a Christmas song, but I really wanted to try and write something new,” shares Keith in a statement from his label. “So, Shane [McAnally] came to my house and we wrote, really about... Read More
Brett Young

The Most Important Phrase in Brett Young's Vocabulary

Brett Young and his wife Taylor welcomed their first baby girl into the world a couple months ago, and Brett says he is slowly but surely settling into parenthood, as best he can. "I’m embarrassed at how little work I not just do, but can do," he reports in a statement from his label. "The baby... Read More

Midland's "Cheatin' Songs:" Dig It or Ditch It?

The next single from Midland 's latest album Let It Roll is right in the pocket of their traditional sound! It's called "Cheatin' Songs," and I'll play it just after 9:05pm tonight, then ask if you Dig It or if we should Ditch It at 888-431-3764. You can also take the poll right here; just be sure... Read More
KFROGGERS For Kids Radiothon

Stater Bros. Charities K-FROGGERS 4 Kids Radiothon

‘Tis the Season to Make a Difference! Wednesday, December 4th, is the time to tune in to K-FROG for the 18th Annual Stater Bros. Charities K-Froggers for Kids Radiothon. Phone lines are open from 5:00a to 7:00p on Wednesday, December 4th! Call 1-800-825-5437! Pediatric cancer does not take a break... Read More
Authentic Health Tips

Authentic Health Tips

By Steven John Dr. Gus Vickery is a committed family physician with extensive experience working in the medical field. He specializes in helping people with a wide array of chronic health conditions to take the actions necessary to reverse these conditions and feel their best. Dr. Vickery came on... Read More

How To Reduce Your Risk Of Stroke

By Steven John Stroke is the 3rd leading cause of death in California and kills about 240,000 Americans each year, according to the CDC. Many people are unaware that increased risk of stroke can be due to a heart condition called atrial fibrillation or “AFib,” which is a quivering or irregular... Read More

Concerns Over Bail Reform

By Steven John Bail reform has become a popular social justice cause in recent years. However, twenty-seven top researchers from Harvard, Princeton, MIT, Columbia, NYU and UC Berkeley jointly issued a scathing criticism of pretrial risk assessments tools which use an algorithms key to determine... Read More