73-Year-Old Indian Woman Has Twins, Believed To Be Oldest Person Ever To Give Birth

September 6, 2019
Twin Babies

Photo: Mario Tama/Getty Images


Erramatti Mangayamma, a 73-year-old Indian woman, has given birth to twin girls and it's believed she is now the oldest woman to ever give birth.

According to CNN, Mangayamma became pregnant through IVF and doctors delivered the babies via caesarian section Thursday.

Mangayamma and her husband, 80-year-old E. Raja Rao, have never been able to conceive naturally, but after meeting with Dr. Sanakayyala Umashankar, the director of Ahalya IVF, he agreed to give them one round of IVF treatment.

"The surgery went well," Umashankar said. "The mother and the babies are all healthy with no complications."

Umashankar added, "She is very confident now. More confident than ever in her life and she is looking forward to the next chapter of her life with the kids."