Carrie Underwood Asks Fans To Help Settle Donut Debate

She and husband Mike Fisher need answers...

August 10, 2020

Being cooped up in quarantine has brought on some odd conversations with our families. Take Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher for instance.

Over the weekend, Underwood told her fans that she and her husband were engaged in a very important debate about donuts, asking "Are donuts breakfast or dessert?"

While she believes that donuts are only for breakfast, Mike says they’re only allowed as dessert.

After all the votes were tallied, donut fans around the world sided with Underwood, agreeing that it is a delicious breakfast treat. 

Speaking of treats, Underwood announced last month that she'll be releasing her first-ever Christmas album.

The album, titled 'My Gift,' will be released on September 25.