Domino's Wants To Send You Pizza If Your Wedding Was Postponed Due to Coronavirus

June 25, 2020

    Planning a wedding is already stressful enough, but throw the Coronvirus into the mix and it has turned into a recipie for disaster.

    Thankfully, Domino's Pizza knows a thing or two about good recipies.

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    The pizza chain wants to make couples smile with their "rain check registry" which includes a selection of pizza, sides, sandwiches, and desserts that can all be selected by the couple.

    "We created Domino's Wedding Registry because pizza-loving couples have shared over the years how Domino's pizza was a part of their big day," said Kate Trumbull, Domino's vice president of advertising in a press release. "With so many weddings being postponed or scaled back in 2020, we knew those couples might need some extra love from those around them, because everything is better with pizza."

    A Domino's registry for postponed weddings? Don't mind if "I Do." -- Friends & fam can now send cheesy gift card packages like "Virtual Bachelorette Party" or "Vendor Call-A-Thon" by heading to!

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