Major League Baseball Has A Plan To Start The Season In May

April 7, 2020

Photo: Mitchell Leff/Getty Images


Major League Baseball is discussing a plan that could allow the regular season to start as early as May.

According to ESPN, federal public health officials believe the league can safely operate amid the coronavirus pandemic with a certain guidelines:

• All 30 teams would play games at stadiums with no fans in the Phoenix area

• Implementing an electronic strike zone to allow the plate umpire to maintain sufficient distance from the catcher and batter

• No mound visits from the catcher or pitching coach

• Seven-inning doubleheaders, which with an earlier-than-expected start date could allow baseball to come closer to a full 162-game season

• Regular use of on-field microphones by players, as an added bonus for TV viewers

• Players sitting in the empty stands 6 feet apart -- the recommended social-distancing space -- instead of in a dugout

Talks will continue as the league and health officials determine what will be best for the safety of it's players.