Should Stagecoach Be A 4-Day Festival in 2021?

June 16, 2020

Photo: Stagecoach

I don't know how anybody else feels, but I'm not a fan of 2020.

Too many bad things have happened in these short 6 months and the latest bummer news that we were given was the cancellation of Stagecoach Festival.

Our 3-day party in Indio was set to happen in April, then was postponed until October due to coronavirus, then the decision was made to put a giant red X through it.

Is it sad? Yes. Do we understand why that decision had to be made? Yes. Sould the festival be even bigger in 2021? Absolutely, yes!

Stagecoach did announce that the new festival dates would run April 23-25 of next year, but what if they decided to surprise us all and add an extra day? I for one would be all for it!

If there's anything we're all going to want next year, it's to make up for what we lost this year. I mean who wouldn't want another full day of live performances, RV parties and line dancing with all of your friends?

C'mon if Coachella can have two weekends, Stagecoach can squeeze out another day!

The only question remaining is, would you be down?