Should the Dodgers Be Awarded 2 World Series Titles?

January 16, 2020

(Photo: Harry How/Getty Images)


It's the cheating scandal that has shocked the baseball world. 

The Houston Astros (winners of the 2017 World Series) and the Boston Red Sox (the 2018 winners) have both been exposed to cheating during their World Series matchups with the Los Angeles Dodgers.

According to ABC 7, both of the organizations used a camera to illicitly steal pitching signs from opponents' catchers. This would make it easier for the teams hitters to know what pitch is coming next.

With Major League Baseball taking action by firing coaches and fining the Astros millions of dollars, while Boston awaits their punishment, should both teams also be stripped of their World Series wins and award it to the Dodgers?

A lot of Twitter thinks so: