The 2020 MLB Season Doesn't Look Like It's Going To Happen

June 15, 2020
Angel Stadium

Photo: Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images

Baseball fans should be mad today. Like really mad.

MLB commissioner Rob Manfred, who just five days ago said there would be a baseball season in 2020, is now changing his stance by saying he's "not confident" that a season will take place.

The league and it's players association have been going back and forth on revenue issues with a shortened season in mind. While the players seem ready to go, the league and Manfred can't seem to pull the trigger for some reason.

That means no Mookie Betts for Dodger fans, no lighting up the halo for Angel fans and no opportunity to boo the Astros for every fan base in the league.

Seriously 2021, hurry up.