Vote for Colton PD Officer Todd Smith for the Betty Jane France Humanitarian Award

November 12, 2019
Todd Smith & Officers

Photo: Todd Smith


Todd Smith is a police officer at the Colton Police Department, but when he's not protecting and serving his community, he spends his time volunteering.

Todd is the founder of Fuel for Success, a program that is centered around introducing at-risk youth to NASCAR and gives adolescents meaningful experiences that are based on mentorship, education and recreation. He also works on creating better relationships between youth and the police officers they encounter daily.

Fuel for Success was founded back in 2007 after Todd attended a race at Auto Club Speedway and today the program impacts thousands of children nationwide.

“I had never been to a race before [Auto Club Speedway in 2007] and I didn’t know what to expect," Todd told The NASCAR Foundation. "I had previously tried to do some youth-oriented things with the kids at the school and as soon as I got to the race track, I started looking at some of the cars and the colors on the cars, listening to the engines, smelling the fuel and I realized that I was excited."

"I immediately felt that this was something I might be able to use with the kids. The key to the success of our program is the sport itself. When we take the kids to a basketball or football game, they know what to expect but when we take them to the track they have no idea of what to expect or the popularity of the drivers they’ll meet. For the most part, NASCAR is probably new to about 80 percent of the kids we bring to a race across the country.”

Todd Smith
Photo: The NASCAR Foundation

Todd was announced as one of the four finalists for the Ninth Annual Betty Jane France Humanitarian Award, which is presented to a NASCAR fan who has done exceptional volunteer work on behalf of children in their community.

With the funds received from winning the Betty Jane France Humanitarian Award, Todd would be able to expand the Fuel for Success program and would instantly help more than 300 students.

You can vote for Todd HERE.

Voting ends December 3rd at 2pm.