Need Assistance With Homeschooling?

March 18, 2020

(Photo by Ulrich Perrey/picture alliance via Getty Images)


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, almost all school districts have been closed and children are left to continue their education at home. This responsibility has been left to parents as we are almost all under some sort of quarantine. While parents try to work from home, stock and prepare, and also teach their children curriculum, things can easily become overwhelming. 

Some teachers have decided to use their free time to help families in need when it comes to teaching kids. 


Ms. Green is an elementary school teacher in Orlando, Florida and one of these amazing educators offering her services and time to assist parents in need. Reach out to her via Facebook, Are you a teacher, or do you know of an educator willing to share their information to help parents continue their child's education? Email and the information will be shared in this post.