"End Family Fire" Gun Safety Program

Safe gun storage program aims to keep kids safe from guns in the home

July 21, 2020
"End Family Fire" Gun Safety Program

Photo by John Moore / Getty Images


By Steven John

Gun violence is a public health epidemic in the United States today. Despite rapid advances in medical technology and a heightened awareness of the gun violence crisis in communities across the country, gun injuries and deaths continue to rise in both rural and urban areas.

As a result of coronavirus, families across the country are facing a disruption to their daily lives. During this time of uncertainty, there is one thing we can control: making sure guns in the home are stored securely and families are safe.

Loren Lieb with Brady United Against Gun Violence, one of America’s oldest and boldest gun violence prevention groups, came on the program to talk about Brady's End Family Fire Program, safe gun storage and keeping kids safe from guns in the home.

Listen to the interview in this segment of Eye on the Community.