Youth Program is "Fuel For Success"

After experiencing a NASCAR race Police Officer Todd Smith was compelled to start a youth program.

November 25, 2019

Photo used with permission by The Nascar Foundation


By Steven John

Todd Smith is a police officer with the Colton Police Department in Colton California. He founded Fuel for Success an organization that strives to give youth meaningful experiences that are centered on mentorship, education and recreation.

After attending a race in 2007 at Auto Club Speedway, the experience compelled him to start a youth program centered on NASCAR. Fuel for Success has grown to the point where it now impacts thousands of children nationwide.

Todd’s work with NASCAR and Fuel for Success has led to him being named a finalist for the Betty Jane France Humanitarian Award. Funds from the award would help an expansion of Fuel for Success programs that would immediately benefit more than 300 students.

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