Big Brother Season 22 Returns to CBS on August 5th with COVID Precautions In Place

Grab the popcorn! Big Brother Season 22 is said to be full of surprises, and PPE.

July 27, 2020
Julie Chen of CBS Big Brother

(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

It's no secret that the staff of K-Frog is a huge fan of CBS' reality show, "Big Brother".  And we're running out of shows to binge during self-quarantine. 

So we were ecstatic to learn the Season 22 WILL in fact happen, despite the pandemic, and will premiere on CBS on August 5th!

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Here's what we know:

According to, the cast will be an "All-Star" type group, made up of former winners, former losers and former castmates who made an impact, good or bad. 

So how will they deal with COVID?  We've heard from several sources online, that the cast is currently sequestered and is being tested repeatedly before entering the house. 

CBS will have a sort of, "COVID Task Force" on hand to be sure everyone from cast to crew is staying safe.  Cast members won't necessarily have any contact with the crew and they receive WEEKLY testing throughout the show. 

And just like in years' past, "Big Brother" will air 3 nights a week, which should be a great distraction for us while staying safe at home. 

Jordan Lloyd and Jeff Schroeder of Big Brother fame, with Heather Froglear
(Photo by Heather Froglear - Entercom KFRG)


For those "Big Brother" newbies, the show moves approximately 16 people from all walks of life in with each other, while cameras in EVERY area of the house, document the day-to-day doings of the group.  The cast competes in challenges to win "Head of Household" for the week and the opportunity to nominate and vote off cast members.  The final houseguest receives a million dollar prize.