Crack Open a Cold One With Your Dog - Busch Announces Dog Brews

Having a brew with mans' best friend sounds like a doggone good idea!

August 27, 2020
Golden Retriever

(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

It's a sunny day in Southern California.  You're enjoying the backyard pool and throwin' Fido a ball around the yard.

Then you decide to crack open a cold one.  Fido looks sad.  He's thirsty too. 

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Thanks to Busch, you will soon be able to have a brewski with your bestie. From PEOPLE, Busch announced this week, "Dog Brews", which is a can of bone broth-based goodness, including pork butt, vegetables, ginger, mint and other goodies.  

"Dog Brews" are available in 4-packs for just under $10 while supplies last.  The brew is sold online only. 

Visit the official Instagram of Busch HERE.

So, not only is Fido now happy, but his fellow adoptable dog friends will also reap the benefits of the new "Dog Brews".  For every case sold, Busch is donating $1 to Best Friends Animal Society, up to $50,000!