Tired of the Negativity? Heather Launches #LoveYourself2020 Campaign

To be fully happy, it has to start with both your physical and mental health.

June 23, 2020

Photo: Heather Froglear - Entercom

This week my Keurig wouldn't spit out the 12oz of coffee I asked for. My dogs have started barking more than usual, or maybe it's because I'm home a bit more now that I didn't even realize that's normal for them. 

I wrote a blog post for the website last week that the Governor wants face masks back on.  No biggie, I'm happy to do it, but the frustration of every day life is really getting to me. I'm not sure who to believe, what to believe or how to believe it.

I had a big birthday last week too. As I've gotten older, I no longer care about my birthday... it's just a number.  However, my sweet co-workers showered me with the most beautiful video piece from my family, that I smiled from ear-to-ear that day.  And then I realized.... I REALLY MISS SMILING.  It felt good! I miss a lot of things since the pandemic started:  friends, the touch of another human, the sound of co-workers running thru the halls, and just nights out with friends for a glass of wine or a nice dinner. 

I think we ALL feel a sense of loss right now and it's hard to recall how it feels to be HAPPY.  

So, I decided that if I want to find that happiness again, I've gotta start with myself.  I've gotta turn off the news when I get home, and instead, do something that makes me HAPPY.  It could be just walking one of the dogs, or doing a crossword, or playing Yahtzee with my daughter.  Whatever it is, I've gotta do it for my piece of mind.  And MAYBE, when I'm in a better mood, I'll be less likely to lash out at the dogs, or get snippy over the Keurig.  I'll be less likely to get irritated by someone's opinion or comment on social media that differs from mine, and I'll LISTEN.  

Happiness starts from our insides.  It's time to turn all of this negativity off, and turn inward to find out what makes us HAPPY and HEALTHY. Both physically and mentally. Ready to do this with me?

#LoveYourself2020 requires no hard work, no extra steps, no money, no time, other than the time YOU decide to devote to YOURSELF. When you've done something nice for yourself, use the hashtag #LoveYourself2020 and let's see if together, we can come up with great ideas to share with each other on how we can love ourselves better, and then in turn, love others better.

I'll start:  tomorrow, I'm getting a Mammogram.  I scheduled the appointment.  My first step in making sure my body is healthy. 

You're next.