Infant Son of Florida Georgia Line's Tyler Hubbard Has Coronavirus Scare

Tyler Hubbard and Wife Hayley are overjoyed that son Luca's test results were negative after a scare.

July 28, 2020
Tyler Hubbard and wife, Hayley

(Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for Country Music Hall Of Fame)

With the U.S. still in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, parents everywhere are sure to be worried when their child comes down with a bug.  

That's exactly what happened to Florida Georgia Line's Tyler Hubbard, when his infant son, Luca, wasn't feeling well. 

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As documented by his wife Hayley on Instagram over the weekend, little Luca wasn't eating and was acting lethargic. 

According to Taste of Country, the couple had him tested for COVID-19, and found out yesterday, it was negative. 

In fact, Hayley said in her latest IG post, that he seems to be over whatever it was that made him not feel well. 


Luca’s back to his wild, happy self after this weekend! We were so thankful to find out this morning that his test results for COVID-19 were negative. It was so sad and pitiful seeing him not feeling well (see stories), but so sweet getting some extra cuddles with him. In this uncertain time, we’re so grateful for our health and the safety of our family. --: @lauramollphoto

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