GoFundMe Created For Local Firefighter's Stolen Truck

September 16, 2020
Local Firefighter GoFundMe

Photo credit: Justin Sullivan/ Getty Images)

California continues to battle the ongoing wildfires and while one of our local heroes was out keeping the community safe his truck was stolen. 

The Colton Fire Department shared a GoFundMe account for one of their own, who has been battling the El Dorado Fire. This hero returned home from battling the front line of the fire to discover his truck has been stolen from the Fire Department. The truck was eventually recovered, but unfortunately it had been completely stripped. 

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Go fund me account has been created to assist the Firefighter who’s truck was stolen. If you would like to help please click the link in our Bio

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For this firefighter the truck holds sentimental value since it was his Father's truck. He had planned to restore the truck. Now he has to endure the costs of fixing it, because some one decided to take advantage of him being away risking his life to keep numerous people and homes safe. 

It worthy to note that this firefighter did not want to set up any donation accounts, so his coworker decided to do it. Let's help this hero. Click HERE to donate.