Mom Falls Through Ceiling In Viral Video

September 2, 2020

Photo credit: © Paul Kuehnel, York Daily Record, York Daily Record via Imagn Content Services, LLC


One wrong step in the attic led to a viral video.

Liz, a college student, was rehearsing for a musical on her TikTok when her mom literally bust in on her video. 

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In the now viral video you can hear Liz singing "Kindergarten Boyfriend" when her mom falls through the ceiling. The startled singers yells out "Oh my God!".

Liz told Buzzfeed, that her mom was in the attic and accidentally tripped that's when she fell through the ceiling. He also added that her mom was okay after the fall. 

Liz San Millan, a college student studying musical theater, was recording herself at her parents' home singing "Kindergarten Boyfriend" from Heathers: The Musical as practice for upcoming auditions. Then, her mom burst into the room — literally — and the incident has since gone viral on TikTok. “There are wooden beams in the attic that you’re supposed to step on, but she tripped and stepped right into my ceiling,” San Millan told BuzzFeed News, adding that her mother is fine and didn't injure herself. (--: @lizziejane_)

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