"Hot Cop" from Upland Police Department Reacts To His Internet Fame (Interview)

August 29, 2019

Photo Credit: Upland Police Department

A lot of ladies were eager to "back the blue" after Upland Police Department posted a picture of one of their officers. 

The Upland Police Department was attempting to get people apply to be a Police Officer Trainee, instead they found themselves with a lot of ladies flocking to their Instagram page to get a look at "Hot Cop". 

Join our team today! Currently hiring for Police Officer Trainee. To apply, please visit www.uplandpd.org -- #UplandPD #cityofupland #uplandpride

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The picture is one of the most liked pictures on the police department's page. It also has a ton of comments from ladies who couldn't resist the man in uniform. 

"Heading to Upland to break the law -- car pursuit maybe I'll get lucky and see this sexy officer."

"Who is down for some disorderly conduct"

The picture sparked so much attention that Officer Waste, who's featured in the picture, was on the local news to talk about his picture going viral. Turns out Officer Waste is a country boy, so we had to chance to talk to him about his picture and how he and his girlfriend felt about his new nickname, "Hot Cop". Yes ladies, I'm sorry he has a girlfriend. 

For people interested in a career with Upland Police Department check out their website uplandpd.org.