Brett Young Shares the Unique Baby Gifts He's Received for His Daughter

"I think the most popular thing has been personalized onesies."

July 5, 2019
Brett Young

Photo: Jason Kempin / Getty Images


As Brett Young and his wife Taylor prepare to become parents in the fall, so have their family and friends, showering them with some unique baby gifts for the little girl.

“We are getting some really cool baby gifts," Brett reveals in a statement from his label. "I think the most popular thing has been personalized onesies, and so people are coming up with clever little play on my lyrics, from ‘You’ve got me trying to catch my food’ instead of ‘catch my breath’ on a little bib or onesie or… It’s all been really cute.

"You know we got some really fun little onesies that were like play on old Kiss lyrics or Kiss album covers, or people are getting pretty creative and keeping it very musical. But yeah, I think she has a little Ramones onesie now, so it’s been pretty cool. Everybody’s been really fun about having the baby. We’re fortunate enough to have fans really fired up about it.”