Brett Young's Southern California Roots Have Influenced His Sound

"If you grew up there, it’s gonna kind of seep into your personality."

February 4, 2019
Brett Young

Photo: Frederick Breedon / PictureGroup / Sipa USA

As a native Southern Californian, there's a distinct sound to Brett Young's style of country, and the "Here Tonight" singer thinks that has a lot to do with his roots.

“I think there is a handful of ways that being from Southern California influenced my sound or my brand of country music, if you will," he muses in a statement from his label. "I think the kind of obvious one is just, for anybody that’s ever been to Southern California, it’s extremely laid back, especially down in Orange County and especially like at the beach.

"That’s why surfers are portrayed the way they are in television and film," he continues."There’s just a level of chill unlike any other, and I think that if you grew up there, it’s gonna kind of seep into your personality, and if you become a songwriter that’s gonna show for sure.

"The other thing is, I was a part of the singer songwriter community in L.A. for a long time, and that’s a very laid back singer and their instrument," he adds. "That’s really all it is and so I think the fact that that was where I was coming from as a country music artist combined with the fact that I grew up at the beach in Southern California, I think that there’s a lot of Southern California’s DNA all over the songwriting and the record.”

The OC native has just added a third show to his string of dates at the Novo in downtown Los Angeles next month. In addition to his concerts on Saturday, March 23rd and Sunday, March 24th, he'll also perform on Monday, March 25th.