Danielle Bradbery Thrilled to Have the Support of Her Peers

April 12, 2018
Danielle Bradbery

Photo: Tonya Wise / AdMedia

When Danielle Bradbery started sharing some of the music from her now-released sophomore album I Don't Believe We've Met, she was pleasantly surprised by the positive reaction from other country artists. Russell Dickerson wrote that her song "Potential" was a "smash sandwich," while Dustin Lynch's one word review, "Dayuuumm," blew her away. 

“You know it’s amazing and when I saw whoever was just making those comments, and Russell and Dustin, it’s such a warm feeling," she gushes in a statement from her label. "I love seeing that support and honestly it helps me. I mean they’re amazing artists and for them to say something like that I’m like, ‘That means so much to me.’

"And I remember Russell hearing that song for the first time, honestly before it came out, and he was like, ‘I’m so obsessed with it.’ I’m like, ‘That is so cool to hear from you.’  And seeing Dustin Lynch say that, I thought that was hilarious. But he’s so talented and just seeing that support it really, really means a lot to me, and more than they know, so it’s really awesome.”